Agatha Ganger


Agatha is a kind-hearted woman wizened in her old age. She may not look it, but she is steadier than the average bear about and knows how to put the young whippersnappers in their place.


Agatha the only child to Bertrand and Guinevere Russarth. Able to tap into magic from birth, Agatha presented the occasional challenge to her parents, but their endless patience for their daughter helped her to gain some control over the magic inside her. As their only child Agatha apprenticed in the Jeweler’s guild under her father eventually becoming a full guild member.

After a short period of courting, Bertrand approved of his peer Garth Ganger to marry Agatha. Bertrand retired from the guild giving Garth his position as Agatha’s dowry.

Life in their small town was calm. Garth and Agatha were barren. When the king called all capable men to arms, Garth knew he wouldn’t survive, even a short conflict. Before he left Agatha promised to always care for Garth’s sister Christie, who was born slow.

That was 17 years ago. Agatha never learned how or when Garth died, but he never came home. With the help of her town, Agatha kept her promise and Christie is well. Agatha has decided to take a vacation from guild work. She has traveled to the next nearest village to relax in privacy.

Agatha Ganger

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