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Where Did Little Timmy Go? - Part I

Right, what's this then?

Loose ends from the Skyhorn Lighthouse adventure are tied up, as the adventurers collect their reward from Benji. Upon returning to the port town, they notice “Missing person” posters affixed to many walls and posts. They find the missing person’s father looking for help in the pub shortly after. Filbert Crustshed, with an annoying voice, tells the tale of his little boy Timmy going missing a day before. The adventurers agree to search for Timmy in the Crustmire woods to the north of the city.

To get to the woods faster, the party hire a cart driver hauling barrels of unknown contents to the north. Halfway into the journey, a barrel bounces out of the cart and spills the contents. They attempt to fix the issue, but are asked to leave the cart once the clams in the barrel are ruined by an attempt to form dirt around them. A few hours later the party find the crescent-shaped rock described by Filbert and headed along a shrubby path into the woods, at night. They were soon attacked by dire wolves, but handled the encounter without any losses.

After moving through the woods, they stumbled upon a snare hooked up to an alarm bell. The ring alerted an ogre to come inspect the trap, expecting fresh meat. An illusion was summoned to scare off the Ogre while the party continued on. After a short distance, they discovered the front to the hill they had seen in the distance. Another ogre was sleeping nearby, presumably the comrade of the other that they had seen in the woods.

The bottom part is me being even lazier with the recap. Read if you want.

The large hill has an engraving on it that looks like the thing in Lord of the Rings where they had to speak friend to enter. That’s not going to be the solution here so don’t even try.

Then they distracted them and the old bitch decided to play minecraft under the one building. What happens next? Who gives a shit? LOL.


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